Job Opening: Executive Director

Empower Tennessee is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Executive Director.

For consideration, applicants should submit a cover letter, professional resume, and online application form via the button link below by June 23, 2023. (If there is no button, applications are closed.)

TITLE: Executive Director

POSITION: Regular, Full-Time, Salaried, Exempt

SUPERVISOR: Board of Directors


The Executive Director is responsible for developing the organization, the programs, the marketing, and the day-to-day operations of the agency. The Executive Director may delegate tasks to one or more staff, but retains responsibility for sound financial and program management. It is assumed, with the outlined exceptions below, that the Executive Director has the delegated authority to operate the agency and is accountable to the Board of Directors for the quality of services and the productivity of all programs and activities. The Executive Director is expected to represent and advocate for Empower Tennessee in relevant community settings and to foster meaningful relationships and/or partnerships with organizations and individuals in the achievement of strategic goals. The Executive Director exhibits, models, and expects the values of empowerment, partnership, fairness, accountability, intersectionality, sustainability, and knowledge in all areas of the position. 



  1. General Management and Planning: responsible for the day-to-day operations and decision making; reports to the Board on a monthly basis; prepares annual and long-range strategic plans with the Board; represents the staff and serves as Secretary at all Board and Committee meetings; recommends policy consistent with the mission of the agency and develops procedures to implement those policies; manages the facilities of the agency;
  2. Funding: actively researches and develops proposals for city, county, state, and federal funding sources; also solicits funds from private sources; monitors fees, contracts, and grants; completes all necessary reports in a timely manner; supervises activities for funding development; develops and assists with fundraising events; 
  3. Financial Management: develops financial statements and operating budget for Board approval; makes necessary adjustments to the budget; projects financial needs according to various budget formats; monitors expenses monthly to clarify projections; manages accounts with assistance of accountant and/or Treasurer; approves expenses for payment submitted by staff; ensures payment of agency general expenses; 
  4. Community Relations: actively represents and promotes the agency in appropriate meetings, hearings, and public relations activities; develops and maintains inter-agency relationships, both formal and informal; represents agency in response to media requests for information or position statements; network and collaborate with other disability-related organizations at the local, state, and national level; 
  5. Marketing: promotes the agency by generating and approving public service announcements, press releases, and contacts with the media; supervises development and distribution of agency literature, presentations, and media; supervises and/or develops marketing materials on behalf of the agency; 
  6. Personnel: Supervises all staff and volunteers; hires and trains all personnel; performs periodic evaluations and administers disciplinary actions, as necessary; reviews personnel policies and salary administration on a periodic basis; drafts policy for submission to Board of Directors for approval; 
  7. Program Management: ensures that agency programs and services are delivered in a timely and professional manner; monitors and evaluates programs regularly.


  1. Adheres to agency policy and procedures; 
  2. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor or agency; 
  3. Demonstrate flexibility and initiative as agency priorities change and/or environmental circumstances warrant;
  4. Demonstrate professionalism and initiative in performing all duties.  


  1. Education or experience equivalent to a graduate degree in social services or related field, required; 
  2. Demonstrated, well-regulated passion for the principles of Independent Living for people with disabilities, required;
  3. Demonstrated ability to respect and empathize with people of diverse backgrounds/experiences, required; 
  4. Demonstrated ability to effectively coach/mentor staff to achieve program goals, required; 
  5. Demonstrated ability to translate/communicate/operationalize strategic goals, objectives, and actions, required; 
  6. Experience as a program and staff manager, required; 
  7. Experience working with the disability community, required; 
  8. Experience in grant writing/management and other fundraising activities, required; 
  9. Strong sense of personal integrity, required; 
  10. Exceptional verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills, required;
  11. Organized, disciplined, self-motivated, and cooperative work ethic, required;
  12. Working knowledge of, and skill with, computer systems/applications, required; 
  13. Flexibility regarding work schedule to accommodate agency needs, required; 
  14. Availability for business travel to accomplish agency objectives, required; 
  15. Regular access to reliable transportation, required; 
  16. Regular access to reliable telecommunication connections, required;
  17. Ability to obtain Level 5 Federal Suitability via an extensive background check, required;
  18. System knowledge of disability-specific resources, strongly preferred;
  19. Personal experience with disability, strongly preferred.

Posted qualifications serve as a guide for candidate review and are not fixed in stone. Empower Tennessee reserves the right to deviate from posted credentials in determining what combination of candidate education, experience and skills are best suited to a position.

 Empower Tennessee is an equal provider of services and an equal opportunity employer—Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.