Empower Tennessee is seeking qualified candidates to fill the position of Technology and Access Coordinator. For consideration, applicants should submit a cover letter, professional resume, and application by May 8, 2020.

TITLE: Technology & Access Coordinator
POSITION: Regular, Full-Time, Salary, Non-Exempt
SUPERVISOR: Associate Director

The Technology and Access Coordinator (TAC) works collaboratively with the Independent Living Specialists to increase consumers’ access and independence through technology. The Coordinator also develops technology program standards, works with leadership to develop program funding and budgets, and organizes the supplies and materials required by the agency and staff to perform operational and program duties. The Coordinator incorporates the Independent Living Philosophy (i.e. client-directed goal setting, dignity of risk, peer mentorship, etc.) in interaction with consumers and the community at-large. In all circumstances, the Coordinator represents and advocates for Empower Tennessee and its mission and fosters meaningful collaborations with consumers and like-minded community partners to achieve strategic goals. The Coordinator exhibits the values of empowerment, partnership, fairness, accountability, sustainability, and knowledge in completing job duties.


  1. Develop and maintain a consumer goal-based technology lending program;
  2. Oversee the conversion of materials to alternative formats (i.e. Braille, Large Print, Captioning);
  3. Lead programs and/or initiatives related to consumer and/or community access and technology needs, including, but not limited to: Access Music City, Controls4Control, Empowered Home, and Empowered Business Solutions, as assigned;
  4. Develop/Maintain/Strengthen relevant relationships with community partners to advance program objectives;
  5. Provide information and assistance in identifying and accessing supports needed to increase or maintain community independence in areas such as; housing, transportation, assistive technology, durable medical equipment, and other supports needed by people with disabilities;
  6. Be an advocate with and for consumers regarding specific individual issues as well as systemically bringing awareness and positive change to the community at-large;
  7. Support, and provide as necessary, Independent Living core services to people with disabilities, including: information and referral, peer support, advocacy, skills training, and transition activities in the achievement of consumer goals;
  8. Coordinate with program volunteers/interns, as needed, to effectively integrate program goals with an engaged and meaningful experience;
  9. Demonstrate flexibility and initiative as agency priorities may change;
  10. Document all activities and interactions according to established standards.


  1. Adhere to agency policy and procedures;
  2. Participate in agency meetings and events;
  3. Represent agency in inter-organizational or community meetings;
  4. Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor or agency.


  1. Education or experience equivalent to a four-year degree, required;
  2. Understanding of and commitment to the Independent Living philosophy and disability rights movement, required;
  3. Demonstrated knowledge of, and ability to link clients with, community resources, required;
  4. Exceptional oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills, as well as customer service acumen, required;
  5. Organized, disciplined, self-motivated, flexible, and cooperative work ethic, required;
  6. Working knowledge of, and skill with, computer systems/applications, required;
  7. Demonstrated ability to respect and empathize with people of diverse backgrounds/experiences, required;
  8. Ability to obtain Level 5 Federal Suitability via an extensive background check, required;
  9. Regular access to reliable transportation, required;
  10. Demonstrated knowledge of assistive technologies, required;
  11. System knowledge of disability-specific resources, including, but not limited to: TennCare and related waivers, DIDD, Special Education, strongly preferred;
  12. Personal experience with disability, strongly preferred;
  13. Fluency in language(s) beyond English (including ASL), strongly preferred.

Posted qualifications serve as a guide for candidate review and are not fixed in stone. Empower Tennessee reserves the right to deviate from posted credentials in determining what combination of candidate education, experience, and skills are best suited to a position.

Empower Tennessee is an equal provider of services and an equal opportunity employer—Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

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