Use Your Empowered Voice to Inform Our Future Plans

Empower Tennessee’s mission is to empower people with disabilities with opportunities for inclusion, choice, and independence. We do this because our vision is a community where people with disabilities are valued equally and participate fully. 

Our mission and vision guide our work throughout Middle Tennessee every day. We also regularly seek input to ensure that our goals, strategies, and activities meet the needs of our organization and the community we serve. Most of all, we believe that an empowered voice is a heard voice. 

As Katy Perry asked, “Do you ever feel like you’re buried deep, … but no one seems to hear a thing?”

Well, we’re listening!

As Empower Tennessee expands its services to include mental health and emotional supports, we want to hear from you about how we can best empower you when you feel like a, “plastic bag.”

The survey is meant for everyone: people with disabilities, family members, community partners, and Empower Tennessee staff and Board members. All voices are welcomed! 

The deadline to complete the survey is Monday, January 9, 2023. 

Please contact us at or 615-200-6028 if you require any accommodations.

C’mon! Show us what you’re worth and be a “Firework” for your own well-being.